BW - Bank Strategie

I worked on this unusual commercial with a group of great friends in the late summer of 2012.

ZDF Wintersportssaison

I recently worked on this spot from Animationsfabrik in Hamburg. 
It's running on ZDF this winter.

Watcher of the Gates

Another drawing inspired by this idea I'm currently trying to get down on paper.
Unfotunately I only have time randomly to work on it.

Secret city

 I've had this idea in my head for a while, but so far I've only gotten it down to this film poster inspired illustration.
I've added the three steps

Water color


These are my two little schmierges.
They live a secret life of their own during the night, but luckily they always return to my livingroom keeping me company.
I have recently finished my work on the feature film Ritter Rost based on the children book by the same name and is now back in Berlin. Curious to see how the finished film will turn out :)


This is a pair of work in progress illustrations. Hopefully Ill be able to upload an update soon. The last months have been kinda hectic so I haven't had so much sparetime to play around.

Business cards

Der Mondmann at Annecy

Moon Man at this years Annecy Festival!

Flamingo Pride online

Flamingo Pride at Annecy

Flamingo Pride, a short film I worked on last winter, will be shown on this years Annecy festival plus a hell of a lot of other festivals :)

Here you find a list of the festivals it has been on or will be on:

and the link for Annecy 

Showreel 2011

Check out my new showreel ! Enjoy :)

Concept Sketches

Some concept art for a story I have been working on with my hungarian friend Fruszina Gáal.