My Latest Showreel 2011

Showreel 2011 - Character Animation from mette ilene holmriis on Vimeo.


ZDF Wintersportssaison Spot from Animations fabrik







Ritter Rost Premiere spring 2013

The latest feature I have worked on will have its premiere in the beginning of 2013, unfortunately I'm not really excited about it.

Moon Man

Poster from Moon Man


Flamingo Pride short film

Director Tomer Eshed second film where I was working on animation was recently finished and is now being showed at festivals.

Watch the full film at Arte, just click HERE


Team Generous for Save the children 2010


Team Generous 2010 from Nørlum on Vimeo.

Addiction Incorporated

I am very happy to see that the documentary I worked on for Cartoon Saloon is being well received and curious to see the final result it myself.
Here is a link to the films website.

I have recently been doing animation for some commercial at Shape Minds in Berlin.

Watch them here:

The Great Mistake

Here you can watch the 20 minut shortfilm made by Danish animation studio Ja-film

Showreel 2009


Graduation film from The Animation Workshop
An animated short film by: Jeanette Nørgaard, Marie Thorhauge, Marie Jørgensen, Mette Ilene Holmriis

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